Student Life

A snapshot of ASC Student Life.


The Office of Student Affairs has oversight for non-academic aspects of student life including orientation, social activities, student complaints and clubs. Our goal is to provide students the social support, developmental opportunities and a nurturing environment that would add value to their experience at the College. We provide student-centred activities, programmes and policies that designed to build an inclusive learning community and enable students to become productive citizens within a global society. 

Student Activities

The Student Affairs office provides advisory support for students seeking to enter the workforce.

This includes resume and CV critiques, workshops and mentoring for students in various ASC departments. Guest speakers are also invited to provide insight on their chosen career.

University Prep

An important mandate of the Student Affairs office is to provide assistance for students seeking to gain entry to various universities. To this end the office regularly facilitates sessions with various universities and colleges from around the world and provides guidance to students wishing to apply. We also host seminars on an array of topics including, choosing the right major, how to source funding for university and how to adjust to life abroad.

Student Activities

Social interaction is a vital part of college life. The covid-19 pandemic has forced us to halt many of the sports and other social activities that would normally part of the College’s calendar, but new and more creative activities are being planned for the upcoming academic year. We look forward to being able to resume regular face-to-face activities on campus that would provide opportunities for social interaction, physical and intellectual development, and fun.

Clubs & Associations

The Antigua State College has a number of clubs and associations available for students:

  • Circle K         UCCF         Sports
  • JCY                Dance
  • Chess            Our Voice
  • Journalism   Drama
  • Music             Robotics
  • Debate           Interact


ASC Student Council

The ASC student council aims to provide students with a platform to develop their leadership skills. Additionally, it gives the student body an opportunity to have representation and advocacy.

Students also get to harness the ideas of students to improve the college experience while enhancing collegiality.

Office of the Counsellor

The Antigua State College also provides the services of a Counsellor. This office offers a safe space for students to seek help with their social and development issues. In addition, the students are encouraged to visit this office for any academic advice which they might need. Periodically, the office publishes information to help motivate and encourage the student population. There is no formality in seeing the Counsellor. Pop in her office and see if she is free, if she is not free simply make an appointment.

Empowerment through engagement.

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