Payment Options

Application Fee

Tuition Fees

Payment Plans

Online Payment

Online payments can be processed through our online payment system. Click here to process a payment.

Wire Transfer Information

Please wire transfer to Antigua State College Student Improvement Fund at CIBC FirstCaribbean AC#1787524.

The wire transfer information can be downloaded here

Other Options

Kindly note that the CIBC FirstCaribbean Bank has informed us that they are no longer accepting the payment of Exam, Tuition and college fees at the bank.   Therefore, ALL exam, tuition and college fees must be paid using one of the following methods:

  1. via electronic funds transfers (EFT)using your financial institution’s online, mobile banking, email or customer service (teller) option.   Transfer funds to Antigua State College Student Improvement Fund, CIBC FirstCaribbean Account number 1787524 (Chequing). The EFT option is available for credit union members. Ask for details at your credit union.
  2. by the use of a debit or credit card at the cashier – Learning Resource Center (LRC) Building at our Golden Grove Campus.
  3. Chequepayment – payable to ASC Student Improvement Fund. A $100 return fee will be applied to the student’s account for any returned cheques paid on behalf of the student. This option is available for credit union members. Ask a customer service representative at your credit union.
  4. Draft– inquire about the processing details at any financial institution.

Concerns about the payment of tuition fees should be directed to Principal at

Application Fee

Before your application is processed a $60.00 application fee is payable at CIBC First Caribbean International Bank Account #1787524.  A scanned copy or picture of the payment slip should be emailed to

Alternatively, if the payment is made online then the receipt email (including the applicant name and the ASC issued applicant ID number) should be forwarded to

Payment Plan

Students can apply to pay their tuition on a payment plan.

Payment plans are only approved for the yearly tuition amount and not for semester payments.

The terms of the payment plan are

  1. Four installments to clear the amount due. The first installment must be paid upon entering into the agreement.
  2. The balance must be paid at the end of the following 3 months (October, December, February).
  3. The proof of payment must be submitted to the Administration Office at Antigua State College.
  4. The payment plan form must be completed and signed by the student, and parent/guardian if the student is under 18 years and/or not financially independent.
  5. An internal approval process (3 business days) must be completed before the agreement takes effect.

Academic Structure

Semester 1             September – December

Semester 2             January – April

Summer Sessions     May to July