Department of Liberal Arts

Department of Liberal Arts

Department of Liberal Arts


Our Liberal Arts Associate Degree programmes cater to the high school graduate or adult student who is  desirous of attaining CAPE certification in addition to their degree.  Our learners have three options when choosing an area in which to concentrate their study: Humanities and Fine Arts, Social Sciences and Science and Mathematics. 

Associate Degrees

Humanities & Fine Arts

Social Sciences

Science & Mathematics

Our Liberal Arts students have the widest array of subject choices within their chosen disciplines.  There are 29 core subject options and a slate of 8 electives from which to choose. Explore those choices here. 

Acceptance Criteria

On your transcript a 55% or better average OR a CSEC pass (Grades I, II or III) in the associated prerequisite subject. Review those prerequisite subjects here.

Programme Information

How long will it take?

Our Associate Degree is a two-year programme. The academic year consists of two semesters and an optional Summer session.  Classes typically start in September and the academic year ends in June.  Our Summer session offers the opportunity to take required elective and foundation courses so that you can focus on your core subject areas or have the opportunity to repeat these courses if necessary.  

Course Load and Delivery Structure

  • Students are expected to be enrolled for at least 5 courses each semester. Three of these will be the core subjects for your chosen degree. The others will be foundation courses and two elective courses as scheduled. A student must complete four foundation courses and two electives over the two years. The Programme of Study Guide [link] describes the delivery structure in more detail and gives a sample paradigm. The goal is to complete 72 credits with a 2.0 grade point average (GPA).  

     Classes are scheduled in one hour periods with some sessions as a double and labs typically held in a 3 hour stretch. Tutorial sessions are an integral part of our course design. Tutorials support small group interaction with the lecturer for, among other reasons, a closer look at challenging topics.  

     That student will avoid the pitfall of thinking that there is a lot of time given that classes are not scheduled for consecutive hours each day.  

How do I choose my subjects?

The applicant who accepts the place offered will receive an email with the subject options for which they have prerequisites.  You will be guided with regard to foundation and elective course offerings for the semester in question within the same email.  Your semester schedule is generated on SONIS once your registration is complete. Typically, a 101 course is offered in the first semester of the first year and a 102 course in semester 2 of that first year. In like manner course codes with 201 and 202 are Year 2 semester 1 and 2 courses respectively.  Liberal Arts students are registered for their courses by administration personnel each semester.  

Another Level

Expect that this experience will, in many areas, differ significantly from that of your high school. From your Google Classroom to a Microsoft Teams meeting, from parents collecting report cards to you accessing grade updates via your student portal, from satisfactory academic progress based on a single score to credits, weighting and a GPA.    Our ASC team is committed to assisting you to navigate on this journey.  


Why Study Here?

We invite you to explore and develop your potential with us as we look forward to celebrating what you left with us as much as what we gave you to take away when you graduate.  Join us on the hill!