Department of Industrial Technology


Overview & Academics

The Department of Industrial Technology (formerly Engineering and Construction Department) at the Antigua State College offers three programmes representing a dual background of theory and practical in Engineering Technician Disciplines. The programmes are

1. Applied Engineering Technology

2. Technical Studies

3. Aircraft Maintenance Technicians


The Applied Engineering Technology Programme is a two year program with options in five disciplines. The offered disciplines are:

  • Civil Engineering Technician,
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician,
  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
  • Mechanical Engineering Technician .
  • Vehicle Technology,

The Applied Engineering Technology Programme focuses on the related practical and theoretical knowledge in each of the specified engineering technician disciplines leading up to the Caribbean Vocational Qualifications (CVQ). With Industry partnership training, students will have the opportunity to engage in hands on training with local businesses.

General Entry Requirements/Prerequisites

Persons interested in entering the Industrial Technology Department should have a minimum of 5 subjects inclusive of

* Mathematics

* English

* One technical subject  from the following list:

Building Technology, Technical  Drawing, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Electrical Technology

* One Science subject  (Physics or  Integrated Science)

* One other subject

Technical Studies Programme

The Technical Studies Programme introduces learners to the theoretical and design aspects of Engineering, preparing students for further study at the University Level. Students in this programme will pursue the CXC CAPE Associate Degree in Industrial Technology.

General Entry Requirements/Prerequisites

The Technical Studies Program prerequisites are a minimum of 5 subjects inclusive of:

*  Mathematics
*  English
*  Technical Drawing, (or Building Technology)
*  Electrical Technology
*  At least one of the following: Physics, Mechanical, Engineering Technology, Information Technology

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance


Two year program for Diploma

Specialization in
Airframe/Powerplant specialization-Fixed and Rotor Wing
• Avionics specialization– Fixed and Rotor Wing
Entrance Requirements
CSEC (CXC) in the following:
•English Language
•Physics or Industrial Technology- Option A or B  Level 1 or 11