Department of Business

The Department of Business began its Associate Degree programmes in 2004, offering two Associate Degree Programmes in the area of Business Administration and Accounting. These programmes are offered on a full-time basis for 2 years or part-time basis for 3 years.

Head of Department

Mrs. Jacinta Meade

The Business Department has courses of study leading to an Associates of Arts degree. The programme offerings have grown to five as follows:

  1.  Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting
  2.  Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration
  3.  Associate of Arts Degree in International Business
  4.  Associate of Arts Degree in Marketing
  5.  Associate of Arts Degree in Human Resource Management

Students who enter the programme from September 2019 are expected to pass twenty-four (24) – 3 credit courses with an accumulation of 72 credits in order to be eligible for graduation. Additionally, they must have a minimum GPA of 2.0 or above in order to successfully complete their programme of study.

Acceptance Criteria

Full-time Programme

Applicants should have 5 subjects to include

  • Mathematics
  • English A
  • Two (2) business subjects
  • Any other subject
  • Name and contact information of  two (2) references

Part-time Programme

  • Mature Applicants
  • 5 years working experience
  • 24 years or older
  • Name and contact information of two (2) references

Part-time students may be asked to demonstrate their ability to pursue the programme of choice.

Continuing Education Programme

In 2017, the Continuing Education Programme (CEP) was launched with its main thrust to offer potential students the opportunity to continue their learning whether or not they are a part of a work force. It was also designed to fulfil matriculation requirements for persons who are having difficulty in Mathematics and English A.

The Functional Mathematics and English A short courses will be used for matriculation purposes only. Once students are successful in their pursuit, they will be admitted into the Associate Degree programme in January or August, based on their level of achievement and or availability of space. Additionally, students can take the other CEP Courses such Human Resource Management, Marketing, and Accounting for Credits once they qualify to enter the Associate Degree Programmes.