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We are so pleased you thought of taking the next leg of your educational journey with us.  We hope to make getting you onboard  a smooth process.  Starting this year, 2021, we are moving our application process totally online. 

Dates to Remember

Application Period begins:  April 15, 2021


Transcript Submission Deadline:  July 1, 2021

Application Submission Deadline:  June 30, 2021


Entrance Mathematics and English Exam (if required): August 5, 2021

Release of Application Response: August 13, 2021


Application Process

In order to submit an online application, you must first create an account.  You will be sent an email with your credentials from Check your junk mail if it does not come to your Inbox.

NB: Date of Birth is in the format mm/dd/yyyy (eg. 05/08/2005 –> May 8, 2005).

Your application does not have to be completed in a single session.  The system allows you to return to update the form by clicking on the CONTINUE AND APPLICATION IN PROGRESS button and using your login credentials (ID and PIN) used to start the application. These would have been sent to you in an email from as part of the initial process. You are encouraged not to delete that email so that you can refer to it later if you need to log back into the application.

Requirement to identify your intended programme. You should have carefully considered your options (visit the different departments page for information about the program offerings) and decided on the programme you wish to pursue. At the start of the process, you will be asked to select the relevant form for the department which offers that programme. Note: You can only apply to two programmes. The first programme you select will be marked as your preferred programme. Use the Multiple Department Application form if you intend to apply to programmes offered in different departments.

Navigating through the form pages via left menu options. Use the menu options on the left to move between pages. When you click submit at the end of filling out a page you will not automatically be moved to the next page.
Required and optional questions: Only questions marked with an asterisk are optional.

Application Assistance: If you have any questions or encounter difficulty, please contact our admissions team via email: or via phone


You can expect to receive a response to your application no later than 13 August 2021


Acceptance Criteria

The criterion for acceptance to any of the Associate Degree Programmes at the Antigua State College is as follows:

1. The student should have maintained an average of 55 per cent or over in Mathematics and English from Form 3 to Form 5 term 2

2. The student should have also maintained an average of 55 per cent or better for the same period in the pre-requisite subjects required for the Associate Degree Programme of Interest.

3.  Applicants with an average of less than 55 percent for Mathematics and English will be required to sit a Mathematics and English entrance exam on

Thursday 5 August 2021.

4.  Applicants will receive a response to their application no later than Friday 13 August 2021.