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Review grades and academic performance during course of study.

This platform is for academic content and assessment

This video conferencing platform is the used to facilitate online classes.

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The Department of Business began its Associate Degree programmes in 2004, offering two Associate Degree Programmes in the area of Business Administration and Accounting. These programmes are offered on a full-time basis for 2 years or part-time basis for 3 years.

Associate Degrees Offered 


Associate of Arts Degree in Accounting

Associate of Arts Degree in Business Administration

Associate of Arts Degree in International Business

Associate of Arts Degree in Marketing

Associate of Arts Degree in Human Resource Management

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Applied Engineering Technology Programme

The Applied Engineering Technology Programme is a two year program with options in five disciplines. The offered disciplines are:

• Civil Engineering Technician,

• Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician,

• Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

• Mechanical Engineering Technician .

• Vehicle Technology,

Technical Studies Programme

The Technical Studies Programme introduces learners to the theoretical and design aspects of Engineering, preparing students for further study at the University Level. Students in this programme will pursue the CXC CAPE Associate Degree in Industrial Technology.

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance

Two year program for Diploma

Specialization in
Airframe/Powerplant specialization-Fixed and Rotor Wing
• Avionics specialization– Fixed and Rotor Wing

The Department of Liberal Arts aspires to deepen academic knowledge in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. It promotes educational opportunities that are responsive to the needs of society and shapes students to succeed in a global economy. This programme allows students to pursue an Associate Degree in their respective field and also external certification such as CXC CAPE.

Associate Degrees Available

– Humanities of Fine Arts

– Science and Mathematics

– Social Sciences

Department of Teacher Education

Overview and Academics

The Department of Teacher Education is committed to developing individuals who recognize that theirs is the responsibility of shaping the nation’s future.  Applicants should be 18 years and older to apply to the Department of Teacher Education. The programmes are designed to develop reflective professionals who are armed with a repertoire of basic teaching models, strategies and skills that they can apply to the range of learner needs that they will encounter in the classroom.

Participants are also challenged to be innovative problem solvers, who are flexible and have a positive orientation to change. To this end, participants are challenged to commit themselves to continuous and lifelong learning.

Programmes Offered

1. Associate Degree in Education (ADE) Primary- full-time & part-time
2. Associate Degree in Education (ADE) Secondary – full-time
3. Associate Degree in Education (ADE) Early Childhood – part-time

School of Pharmacy

Upon successful completion of all course requirements; students will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science degree in Pharmacy.

Duration of Programme

Certification will be awarded after the successful completion of all 120 credits. The course of study is spread over a period of six (6) consecutive semesters averaging 14 weeks of intensive work each semester. Students will be given the opportunity to put knowledge gained into practice through model/ mock- up exercises in the classroom as well as various clinical settings.  

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